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Table 1 Origin and derivation of the telomere clones used in the study.

From: Chromosome loops arising from intrachromosomal tethering of telomeres occur at high frequency in G1 (non-cycling) mitotic cells: Implications for telomere capture

Clone Chrom Supplier
1186B18 3p Flint
196F04 3q Incyte
36P21 4p Incyte
963K6 4q Flint
189N21 5p Incyte
240G13 5q Incyte
62I11 6p Incyte
57H24 6q Incyte
164D18 7p Incyte
3K23 7q Incyte
43N06 9p Incyte
112N13 9q Incyte
306F07 10p Incyte
137E24 10q Incyte
496A11 12p Flint
221K18 12q Incyte
2111b1 17p ATCC
362K4 17q Flint
52M11 18p ATCC
964M9 18q Flint
1061L1 20p Flint
81F12 20q Incyte
  1. Note: The host strain was E. coli DH10B with kanamycin resistance in all cases except the clone 2111b1 (17p probe) which was ampicillin resistant.