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Figure 2

From: Imaging genome abnormalities in cancer research

Figure 2

Examples of SKY-FISH co-detection. A. SKY detection on human mitotic chromosomes prepared from a primary tumor showing the high rate of translocations indicated by the mixed color on the same chromosomes. Over 30 translocation events can be detected. Particular attention should be paid to the high rate of Non-Clonal Chromosomal Aberrations (NCCAs) as well as the clonal translocations. In this case, the majority of the translocations were NCCAs. B. SKY-protein co-detection on meiotic mouse chromosomes. Both the synaptonemal complex (SC) and the centromere were highlighted by the antibody for SC specific proteins and centromeric protein prior to SKY detection (blue and green color respectively). The various colors can be used for chromosomal identification since each chromosome has been assigned a specific color. It should be noted that the subtle color differences can be recognized by the computer program, which is much more sensitive than human eyes. Pertaining to the analysis of disrupted SCs from various defective mice, the SKY identification of individual meiotic chromosomes will permit the quantification of mis-pairing at meiotic prophase.

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