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Table 2 Aberrant segregation patterns of all three chromosomes within individual meiotic products.

From: Distinct functions of S. pombeRec12 (Spo11) protein and Rec12-dependent crossover recombination (chiasmata) in meiosis I; and a requirement for Rec12 in meiosis II

Type of segregation errora Number of spores with segregation error
Chr. I Chr. II Chr. III rec12-117 rec12-D15 rec12-Y98F
MI MI MI 12 18 0
MII MI MI 9 4 0
MI MII MI 0 3 0
MII MII MI 9 24 1
MI MI MII 10 5 0
MII MI MII 14 1 6
MI MII MII 7 3 0
MII MII MII 19 9 43
   n= 80 67 50
  1. aThe inferred type of segregation error for each chromosome within each diploid spore colony was determined by the analysis of centromere-linked markers as in Figure 5E. MI, heterozygous; MII, homozygous centromere-linked marker. The strains crossed were: WSP1807 × WSP1216; WSP1825 × WSP1884; and WSP1670 × WSP1809. Strain genotypes are provided in Table 3.